viernes, 1 de agosto de 2008

My favorite exercise

I don’t exercise very often but when I do feel the need to get
get back in shape I pick swimming as my sport of choice

jueves, 31 de julio de 2008

My Family

There are five members in my family.

We have a big house which is surrounded by the homes of other relatives.

We are a united family Who works together to succeed

What I like

Reggaeton for me is a genre of music and an example of current fashion.

I like many artists of this particular genre, such as Arcangel, I also like the fashion style worn by the artists and their accesories.

like spending my money!!

Most of money is spending on entertainment

Most of my money is spent on fun with my friends and family

My Daily routine.

My daily routine is:

7:00 am I go to college

12:00 I arrive at my house

12:30 I eat lunch

1:00 I begin to work

10:00 I go to sleep.
This is my daily routine

sábado, 17 de mayo de 2008


Ivanna: Ivanna is Venezuelan, she is 19 years old and studies mass communication. She likes to listen to music, and to beon the internet; she does not like people who scream or líe to her.
Andrea Gotera:Andrea is Venezuelan also, she is 18 years old, and like Ivanna, studies mass communication. She likes to go out, chat, and listen to music. She dislikes people who lie to her.
Edgar Zambrano: is Venezuelan, he is 18 years old. Enjoys parties, music, and dancing but like Andrea and Ivanna, dislikes people who lie to him.

viernes, 9 de mayo de 2008